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I want to share my experience with the Bluetooth Surround Ready system from LG.

I had an old 5.1 LG HT, ca. 2012, which stopped working due to some motherboard issue on the main unit. The rear towers connected wirelessly to the main unit through some proprietary format (i.e. not Bluetooth).

So I bought an LG OLED GX which LG advertises as 4.2. It died after 12 days, but let's ignore that, warranty gave me a new one.

Given that it needs a Bluetooth speaker and so I could keep my old towers I bought a cheap small amplifier for passive speakers (Fosi Audio, from China) which supports two channels and Bluetooth 5.0 (the version).

There are a few options on the audio output menu, one of which is "TV speakers + Bluetooth". Once my amplifier was on, it appeared as an option on the TV. On the first time you connect it sends some audio pings to sync. There are a couple of options: delay and surround level.

The delay seems to change sometimes, so I need to adjust from time to time, but never more than one level. The surround level goes from 0 to 10 and there's a noticeable difference when changing from 4 to 5.

I still am not sure if it's true surround or not. I can tell 2.0 media sounds different from 5.1 media and usually has some echo because the voice channels are on the rear as well, but 5.1 is very dependent on my adjustment of the surround level slider.

I have a few guesses:
a) True surround only works for two speakers paired. There's an option to pair two speakers, but I think it only works for some LG speakers it lists.
b) The surround level slider mixes some channels. If the TV is 4.2 but the media is 5.1 (or higher), one channel needs to be mixed. Which channel and where might be controlled through the slider, which would explain the sudden change from 4 to 5.

So, in conclusion: it works, but it's not perfect. Would appreciate some clarification from LG.

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