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Hi everyone,

So I’ve had this tv for about 14 months now. Never had any issues with it until maybe a couple of months ago when I noticed some slight vertical banding issues, it was only in a couple of areas on the tv at first but it seems to have got worse and worse since then and on bright red/orange scenes is visible across the whole of the screen and really quite distracting.

Having read up a bit about vertical banding it seems to usually effect grey scenes but it seems worse for me on bright redish coloured scenes as mentioned above.

I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but it seems to have got visibly worse after every time a pixel refresher cycle has run.

I’ve attached a few pictures, it’s quite hard to notice in some but it’s very visible to the naked eye.

It came with a 5 year guarantee - should I just phone the store and see if I can get a replacement?



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Within specs if you are the UnLucky Goldstar....


That will be within spec according to LG.
Banding is something that ALL TVs (apart from the mighty Plasma) have to various extents.
I'd call though and demand a replacement.
If you can see it on actual content (which you can) then its NOT good enough.


i see banding on the football green it looks like half the screen is one shade of green and one half another but a close detailed look shows banding which occured as soon as TV was 13months old. I do have John lewis warranty


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Does it look like a rectangle in the centre of your screen? It looks like what you have there is the 25% window defect. Which is brought on by using the pixel refresher. It is a manufacturing defect so lg will fix it even out of warranty. Look up the video by rtings.com on utube. If you are in the USA they will do a software fix. If you are elsewhere they will replace the panel. I know as I had my panel replaced due to it.

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