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Okay, this is a very odd one. First the setup -- I have a OLED55B6P, a 2016 model but yesterday due to massive burn-in (more on that later) I swap the entire panel but as I couldn't get the original (not made anymore) I used a C7 model (next year and model up). While none of the various boards had the same mounting patterns and I couldn't reuse the back panel (without cutting it to pieces) I got everything mounted (some zip ties might have been used) and it works and looks great. Brighter (given age) and all the horrible burn-in is gone, I am/was thrilled!

As 95%+ of my viewing is via Plex I tested that first and it's perfect. 4K/HDR works perfect, etc. - however a few hours later I found that NONE of the other apps I've tested will play video. Youtube, YoutubeTV, Disney+ they all do the same thing - as soon as video starts playing the screen goes black - and stays that way until I reboot the TV. I can hear audio via the soundbar and I can play/pause/FF/RW but the screen shuts down and won't come back until I fully reboot the TV.

Now obviously this has something to do with the panel swap -- it's just bizarre to me that the only app that works is Plex and no others. Now this is VERY lucky (and generally have crappy luck) that Plex is working but I'm at a loss as to why the others would. I assume it's something those apps are doing that the Plex app isn't but I can't imagine what given 4K/HDR/etc all works great in Plex and I'm playing MUCH higher bitrate content than the others can even possibly provide.

Thoughts anyone???

Burn-in - as an FYI mine burned after about 6 months of about 4 hours a day at 80% brightness, specifically "news tickers". Not what I'd call extreme viewing at all so if you're worried about OLED's burning in - you should. I can't wait for QD-OLED to come into it's own as that'll be next for me. I got lucky and found a brand new in box panel for $250 shipped cross country (panel was $100, shipping $150). So yes you can use a C7 panel on a B6 it just won't be super easy and so far nothing but Plex will work :D


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