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Evening / Morning all!

My current LG OLED, a 55C8PLA, is going out for repair again tomorrow for the third time under my guarantee and I’m told from the insurance if the company can’t fix it this time they think they will look at replacing it. I’ve no faith in the company taking it whatsoever but they are what the insurance use so I’m stuck with the idiots!

I bought it brand new back in August 2018 for £1800 and it’s been stunning, absolutely love it, but we noticed lines in the panel initially which I thought was burn in after watching Sky Sports News etc but after trying all channels we usually watch the lines didn’t match up with the images from Sky channels or the PS5 etc so it wasn’t that thankfully but my partner noticed how bad the panel lines were when me and her and the daughter was watching David Attenborough one night so I booked it in.

First time it went in they replaced it with a brand new panel, brought it back, and all seemed good for a few days. I then noticed that whatever I plugged into HDMI 1 there were green flickering lines up and down the screen when selecting that input. Initially I thought it was Sky Q box failing so I changed the HDMI cable for a fresh one, still no luck. I changed all connections round so Sky went in HDMI 3 and I put PS5 in HDMI 1 but it was the port when turning whichever device was plugged into it on and I thought I’ve paid for it and it didn’t happen previous so they’ve damaged some thing replacing the panel. Reported it again and they took it away again and told me they’d replaced the board. Back it came after that but was doing exactly the same. Thinking about it I’m sceptical if they ever actually did anything but I can’t prove it so have to take their word for it. Getting a bit wound up and fed up of it I again reported it to insurance and they said get back in touch with the repairers and they will fix it, at this point I explained I have 0% confidence they will but they wouldn’t change the company.

All the above happened earlier in the year and this third time was four weeks ago and I told the repairers you aren’t having the TV until you’ve got the parts you need in stock so it can be as quick a turnaround as possible, four weeks of chasing after they promised to keep me updated but never got one phonecall - speaks volumes in my eyes!!!!

Sorry for the long rant but I’m getting to end of my tether with them now!!!!

Anyway, I’m not convinced at all they will fix it but I’ve got to try whilst it’s still covered so I’m anticipating insurance will replace it - so couple of questions for you experts: -

1. It should be like for like replacement if they go that route, am I right in thinking that, so will they give me a CX model cos I don’t think there will stock of the C8 anywhere now but could be wrong?
2. If they do swap it, if I offered to pay the offset to upgrade to a 65” would they wear that or tell me a flat no? Never had to do anything like this before. (I was in two minds when I bought 55” as I thought the bigger one would be better but I didn’t want to ruffle our lasses feathers hahaha!)
3. Would insurance just pick for me if it’s like for like or do I get an input cos I can shop around obviously to get best I can?
4. I haven’t done any research into the latest X range as I wasn’t looking to replace this one for a while it was that good, quick looks show up C or B or G models but I haven’t a scooby doo which is the best one, presume it’s the G series but I don’t know the differences between them, if there are any apart from bezel/stand etc so guidance on that front would give me a standing should I need to argue with insurance.
5. Last one; I’ve noticed NANO cell versions, but again I haven’t read up with working a lot recently, presume they aren’t OLED standard as some seem too cheap.

I’ve got Sky Q and PS5 and my surround sound via optic plugged into it at the moment and got an Ultra HD Bluray Player I’ve got my eye on to buy later in the year if that helps at all?

I’m sorry for the long post but I can’t sleep after a few 12hour night shifts so thought I’d post quickly now whilst it’s on my mind, looking at the time I best try and get a few hours before school run in the morning hahaha!!

Look forward to your help and advice from this brilliant forum with people full of advice beyond my limits!!

Cheers all 👍🏻


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Yes, the most obvious like-for-like replacement for the C8 would be the CX, especially as you can't buy C8 or C9s new any more.

In terms of the differences between the 2020 LG 'X' OLEDS, the BX series are the cheapest. IIRC, they use the same panel as the CX series but aren't quite as bright, have a less powerful processor and one or two of the C's features missing. I think the more expensive GX also uses the same panel as the CX, but has a different, slimmer design/profile, specially designed for wall-mounting.

LG's Nanocell TVs are LCDs so shouldn't come into the discussion at all unless you want to move away from OLED, in which case you might do better looking at a different LCD manufacturers like Samsung or Sony.

If they can't repair your C8 and so offer to replace it, then you should hopefully get some input - I've definitely read comments on here from people in a similar situation who've put extra money towards a bigger or alternative set. This may depend on your retailer/insurance company though. If you do get chance to do this, one thing to bear in mind is that the 2020 LG X OLEDs are currently about as cheap as they've ever been and stocks will start to run out as the new 2021 models are released in the coming months. If you wanted to upgrade to a 65" and there are no 65" CXs left, you'll have to pay a LOT more towards a 65" C1.

If I was in your situation and had experienced this much hassle with an LG OLED, I would use it as an opportunity to look at alternative manufacturers. Ideally this would be with a different retailer too, judging by your poor experience so far but it's likely you'll end up with store credit / vouchers so be stuck with your current one, I'm guessing.

Good luck - hope you get things sorted.


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Oh my god!
Many thanks for your input and guidance, it is most appreciated.

I’ve had no problems with LG OLEDs and happy to keep the brand etc because the C8 was, and still is, a brilliant unit it’s just unfortunate going down this route as I’ve not experienced it before and the outlay and guarantee said to me I’d be stupid not to get it repaired so I grabbed it whilst it was still covered.
Yes, it’s been a little painful, but at the end of the day that’s what the cover is for so I’d have been a fool to let it go!

Ideally I’d have gone 65” initially but something just told me keep it a bit sensible (not usually like me!!) but if I get the option from insurance to go bigger it’s something I will definitely be doing - going to 77” is a massive jump in price even for the X series so I’ve talked myself out of that as the better half would say it’s too big and overpowering for the living room, I can handle it but I don’t think she would like Coronation Street that big hahaha!

I’m not going nuts waiting for 2021 models and the inflated prices, maybe I’ll regret it, maybe not, but I’ll be more than happy with a 2020 X series model anyway. HDMI 2.1 for a start for my PS5. Not going Nanocell now I’ve realised they are LCD, seems like a big step back.

They said they’d return my TV in a day but as I said earlier in my post it’s like handing it over to a set of clowns so I wasn’t confident one bit and again I’ve had to chase it knowing full well in my mind it wouldn’t be here tonight which they’ve now confirmed it won’t, so I’m 0% confident they’ll fix it either but I’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.....

Looks like I’ll be looking on the iPad tonight at TVs seeing as I haven’t got one to watch, I just hope I don’t open the whiskey cos if I do and get carried away shopping I’ll end up spending 20k on something stupid hahahaha, gonna hide my card now!!!

Again, thanks for the advice, really appreciate it, if there is anything else you want to add please feel free but we will see what tomorrow brings now!

Enjoy your evenings


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Hi Buckley. Long time after the event but did you get it sorted? If not and a replacement was necessary did the Insurance Co play ball?

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