LG OLED 77" GX or G1 Wall Mounting


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Some great insightful info here!

One question I had: I bought the G1 66" and it will be delivered first week of November to our new house which we still need to move in to. This means that for now I will just have it installed with the wall mount that comes included, but will not set it up initially until we move in (a few weeks later). Will it be easy to plug in the hdmi cables after it has been wall mounted? Can the wall mount be moved specifically for this? Or should the hdmi cables be done before it is installed?

It'd be fiddly but possible, particularly if you have nothing below the TV so can get your arm in that way. The bracket allows the TV to move out about 5 inches.

In all honesty it's not actually that hard to lift it off the bracket either (it just drops down in to some slots)


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It's not detachable which is mind bendingly irritating.

That’s ridiculous.
So if you have a solid wall the only option is to use ugly trunking? I wanted to chase the cables into the wall but if the power lead is fixed I obviously can’t. I can’t believe LG designed it like that🤦‍♂️


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I want to know how the cable terminates behind that removable panel. Has anyone looked behind it?


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Hey everyone, this thread has been really helpful, but I have an additional question about the installation location of the recessed AV box behind the TV.

I will be getting the TV shortly, and am having a 9 x 14 box installed (from the B the Installer video) in the wall and want to know my flexibility on the location of the box relative to the TV.

I was wondering if anyone has had the box installed higher than the 2-3 inches proposed (thinner red line in attached image) in the diagram posted earlier in the thread and run the power cable up the channel and into the recessed AV box? If you have, does the power cord pass through the cable channels and allow the TV to still remain flush against the wall?

I have attached a picture with a proposed location for the box (thick red line), and how the power cable would be run through the channel and into the box.
LG G1 Box.jpg

Thank you very much for any assistance!

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