Question LG OLED 65 CX - Blur/judder v artifacts question


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Hi all,

New member here, so I appreciate any help...and thanks in advance! I'm the proud owner of a 65" CX, and it's an amazing thing. The colour and blacks are awesome, and 4K looks fantastic...except, something is bugging me (quite a bit).

I'm struggling with the motion handling in some scenes on some Netfilx and Disney Plus 4K content, I just can't seem to find the settings that work. Bluray content looks good, with some tweaking..but still not 100% (gives me an excuse to buy some new 4K discs to try).

I'm watching the Mandalorian on Disney Plus (loving this series), but there's one scene that sums up my issues:

@Season2, E1 (Chapter 9), 12:24-12:30, the speeder crosses the dessert from left to right, and it's just one blurry mess. With all motion processing turned off, the speeder look blurry, with motion processing turned on it introduces varying degrees of artifacts and stutter (especially when the speeder moves behind the mountains). Either way, there's no pretty way of watching the speeder cross the screen, and it's supposed to be the focus of that scene!

For those out there who have the CX and Disney Plus, how does this scene look for you? Pre-purchase, the CX reviews mentioned that it was really good at handling motion (Sony was a little better)...should the LG handle a scene like this better?

What does the community think... Is that just how it is? Or is there something that I should be doing?

Thanks again in advance!


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What TruMotion settings are in use? For me, the TruMotion settings that I use helps with lip sync settings. Not quite the same thing, but worth playing with to see if that makes a difference.

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