LG OLED 55CX - Vertical line of equally spaced white pixels


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I purchased a brand new OLED55CXPUA yesterday. Set everything up and it worked great for about 4 hours. For apparently no reason, a large line of perfectly spaced white pixels appeared out of nowhere (pictures below). This line only appears watching 4K Dolby/HDR, etc using my AppleTV 4K. It does not appear at lower resolutions. It is incredibly visible when the screen is dark and less so with movement/colors. If you get up close you can see the white pixels are occasionally turning on and off as the color changes.

I've tried two different Apple TV's, all HDMI ports, different HDMI cables and I've had no luck removing the line. I've reset to factory settings and run manual pixel refresher twice with no change. Software is all up to date.

Any help here would be appreciated. Given it's brand new I will likely return it today for a replacement, but wanted to make sure there wasn't a simple fix I was missing.

Thanks in advance!




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I had similar but mine were blue and only appeared on 100% black areas.

I was a faulty system board and was repaired under warranty.

Contact LG support to report and they will arrange a repair - this method night be quicker than going thru the place you bought it from - assuming it's more than 30 days after purchase.

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