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Hi, if this question is in the wrong place, sorry I wasn't sure if it should go here or elsewhere

I recently got a LG OLED 55BX tv, the HDR works great when using the built in apps such as BBC IPlayer, Netflix etc but I can't get it to work with SKY Q

I've selected HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour for HDMI 1 in the menu of the tv but in the sky menu I get error UH021 when selecting HDR 10 bit, it only lets me chose 8 bit. This means i can only view it Ultra HD instead of HDR.

Currently the sky Q box is connected via the sky HDMI lead to a wyrestorm ex-70-h2 sender which connect to the receiver by a 5 meter(ish) ethernet cable, I'm not sure if this is CAT5 or CAT6. The receiver then connects to the TV via another Sky HDMI lead. The wyrestorm ex-70-h2 claims to support HDR10,

As I don't know what is causing the issue I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction before I start buying new cable/lead/send & receiver units, could the problem be I'm using CAT5 cable and replacing with CAT6 will resolve it or id the problem with the wyrestorm ex-70-h2 or does the SKY Q box need to be connected directly to the TV with a HDMI lead to work.


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