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Hello everyone,

I am an owner of OLED 55BX for 3 weeks and I am starting to feel like I run out of possible solutions. I have my TV connected with Xbox Series X and the problem is HDR gaming. I will try to bring You closer to the problem.

Maybe I will start that I’m aware of the ABL/ASBL „features” but it feels like it’s none of them as first one should kick in when overall luminance of the screen reaches high value, while second one should only dim static pictures like HUD in games for example. I’m using Game Mode of course and have all AI/ECO features turned off.

Ok, so the problem is that when I start a game and my TV is enabling HDR and Instant Game Response mode I have a nice, bright screen. After playing for like 20-30 seconds it starts to dim. When I return to dashboard (while playing) of the console the TV is in SDR which is completely normal as Dash is no HDR. After I return to game (TV jumps to HDR again) I’m getting nice, bright picture again for like 20-30 seconds and it starts to dim again.

IMO it’s not ABL/ASBL as I am pretty sure they should work different. For example when my kid is watching stuff on YT Kids the screen is nearly burning my eyes and no dimming is kicking in. It happens only while playing Series X. I would like to have nice, bright picture like in the first seconds of playing.

Is this normal behaviour? I read that LG implemented new burn-in security features, something called ANSD (Automatic News Station Dimming) that can be triggered even if only 1% of the screen is static white.

Is there anything I can do to prevent that dimming? Will disabling TCP via service menu will do the trick as I read completely different opinions.

Thanks for the replies


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Hi, I read your comments on AVSfourm (I don't have an account), but I would raise a support call ASAP and get them to investigate. I certainly do not have this problem playing HDR games. I am using the PS5 and been playing Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2.

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