Question LG **NANO866NA TV owners -- a couple of questions, anyone, please?


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To any **NANO866NA owners out there. Could you answer a couple of questions about the TV for me please?

1) If the the TV's HDMI 3 port is set to eARC, will the TV support the routing of PCM 2.0/5.1/6.1/7.1 audio from a device connected to one of the TV's other HDMI ports via the eARC connection to a sound bar or audio system?

2) Does the satellite tuner support Freesat?

3) Is the mains power cable captive or detachable?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the PCM support is 5.1 at best, based on other LG PCM-related posts in this forum for 2020 TVs.



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I have this TV so here are my answers

1) PCM is 5.1, but watching in Dolby Atmos through the TV, no soundbar is required and my volume barely goes over 20 for normal viewing. On Films I push it to 25-28 for full sound effect.

2) The Satelite tuner is Freesat as I believe, I don't use it as I have Sky installed. But from the instructions, it looks like Freesat.

3) The cable is detachable.

Helped as much as I can based on my knowledge and understanding. Anything else, just ask.


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Cheers. LG confirmed that the DSAT is Freesat-capable and that the mains cable is detachable. For the PCM query, they are still checking. I would suspect 5.1 PCM support in ARC mode, but for eARC it should be 7.1. It defeats the object of having eARC support otherwise, to my mind. Let’s see what LG come back with.

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