LG Nano86 Audio sync issue


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Ok so I've just purchased the LG NANO86 55 INCH TV. Here's the issue I'm having...

When I switch to the PS4, the TV automatically switches to game mode, which is fine. The problem is if I play a blu-ray in Game mode the picture settings look awful, because it's designed for a game obviously. So I then switch to the isf Expert (Dark Room) setting, which looks good, but it throws the audio out by about 15 milliseconds or whatever it is. Is there a way of stopping this, without messing about with audio sync settings everytime?

I'm using the JBL Deepbass via HDMI to the ARC port, but after tests its definitely the TV setting thats the issue and not the soundbar. Cheers


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Welcome to the world that is LG lip sync misery. There’s not a lot that you can do, unfortunately. Check that you have passthrough set on the audio options, and have a play with the TruMotion settings, as they definitely affect it, at least on my LG they do. Try routing everything through the soundbar to see if that helps.

As much as I really like the picture quality and features of my LG TV, I’ll never buy another, simply because of the atrocious lip sync problems that LG simply refuses to recognise. This, and other forums here and on sites like Reddit, are littered with people having lip sync problems with their LG TVs.

If you can’t sort the issue to your satisfaction, and you can still return it for a refund, you might want to consider that and go for another brand altogether. My next TV will be a Sony.

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