LG Nano TV cant see sky signal via HDMI


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My new "55Nano916 PA" TV cannot see the Sky input signal. My Sky HD box is in another room and the signal is being fed to the LG TV via a Cat5 extender (Labgear HDMX60K). The output of the extender is feeding into HDMI 1 input on the TV. TV says no signal recieved.

I did get it working last night (somehow)..... I did that many things I cant remember which fixed it. But this morning it is back to not being able to see the SKY signal.
Old Panasonic TV worked fine like this for years.......

Any ideas


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The signal is being degraded too far for the new TV to get a good lock. You might find that using an HDMI splitter as a signal booster and reshaper will cure the issue. Try connecting it between the cat5 extender and the TV.

Other than that, some better extenders might be the cure.

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