LG nano cell 85 / 86 vs Samsung Q70R

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Sep 25, 2020
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After a ridiculous amount of research I’ve managed to whittle down my choices to two. LGs nano cell 85/86 (depending on where you’re from) and the Samsung Q70R. They’re both essentially the same price at 55”.

The TV is gonna be used primarily for next gen gaming in a bedroom, so viewing angles don’t matter as I’ll always be sat straight on.

The only advantage I can see to the nano cell is G-Sync, and Dolby vision. it supports 4K@120. However I’m not concerned with this as I don’t think any games I play will support this for years at least. The Q70R supports 1440p@120 and VRR which is good enough I think. The Q70R also seems to be better quality picture from everything I’ve read online. However I’m not sure if these reviews still hold up a year later.

Does anyone have any experience with either or even better both? Any other input is good too.
This is a topic that has been raised a lot recently, to save time I'll link my last posts on the matter:

There's a baseline of things you need to look for when buying a TV for the next gen, and it boils down to three main attributes.

  1. HDMI 2.1 VRR at 2160p 40-120hz - Not essential, but nice to have.
  2. Dolby Vision HDR support - Not essential, but a nice to have.
  3. Good HDR hardware - Essential, you need to meet a minimum baseline of specifications to enjoy HDR properly and without problems.
The LG Nano LCD TVs don't offer option 3, they have bad HDR due to their use of IPS type panels.
The Samsung Q70R is a better option than the LGs, but because its a 2019 model it only supports number 3 up to 1440p instead of 2160p. That may mean it won't work properly with VRR with the new consoles.

The only TV that ticks 1,2 & 3 are LGs CX and above OLEDs. That may stretch to the BX but it will need to be tested to be sure.

Other TVs from 2020 tick 2 boxes. Samsung's 2020 models like the Q80T and above have a single HDMI 2.1 port so they support VRR properly unlike last years models...they are also capable with HDR. They only lack Dolby Vision.

Sony's XH9505 ticks 2 boxes. Lacking HDMI VRR completely. If you care about this feature the least, go for this TV.

As with any recommendation right now, due to current pricing its best no buy 2020 models, so if turns out you do feel you want to wait for a 2020 model, wait to buy until black friday or later.
Another reason to not buy now, or to buy before the consoles are released is because new tech may not work as expected. Wait for others to test when things don't work out.

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