LG NANO 2020 86” - Disney / Loki 4W Zoom - Colour Drop Out??!


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Hello - I’ve had the 2020 LG NANO 86” screen for about two weeks and it’s great.
However when watching the final episode of Loki on Disney last night we noticed some odd activity.
Colour keeps dropping out, like a dodgy HTMI lead But I’m using the Apple TV LG app.

After a little discovery I found that if I watch the original format it’s fine, but the minute I hit 4 way zoom.
Boom it starts playing up. I tried othe ATV content, Amazon, Netflix etc and it’s fine.

Not sure if it’s the stream, the app or my hardware is flaky.

If anybody has the same TV and have Apple TV and Disney I’d appreciate it if you could see whether you get the same issue.
close to the end of the final episode, for that matter try anywhere standard the 4 way zoom.



Thanks JB

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