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Lg Mz42pz45v

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by billgreenwood, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. billgreenwood


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    Richer Sounds are advertising this model for £1,399.95. Can anyone shed any light as to where I can find more info on this model. LG's site seems no help.

    I have seen this model working in the shop and to be honest, to me, it is a decent picture - much better than my Bush portable and I think the PW6 also that I was thinking of buying!!!. I was going to buy the Panasonic but once you buy the correct board or VGA-RGB adapter you may as well buy the LG. Of course this choice is dictated by my budget of £000000 My budget is so low!!!

    I intend on connecting this to my Telewest STB and Toshiba combo DVD/VCR. The sound will go to my Sony Amp and Wharfedale nxt speakers.

    So any thoughts or advice here will be very welcome and appreciated.
  2. grahamtriggs

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    Nov 19, 2002
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    The reason it is not on the LG site is that it is not a current consumer model. The consumer models are TVs - with tuner and speakers. This is a 'monitor' without (although it does allow for 'portrait' orientation). It is in essence a commercial model, which might not be so bad as it does appear to be current - but it does miss out on some of the goodies, like the XD engine.

    The best place to go for information is http://gb.lgservice.com/ - where you can download the manual, etc.

    You can get the current consumer moder, the RZ-42PX11 - with tuner, speakers, and XD engine - for the same price, if you shop around online. For example, RGB Direct list it at £1385.

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