LG Magic Remote - "Bluetooth service needs to be initialized"

Hey everyone,

I have an LG 55SK8100PLA and this issue with the Magic Remote has been happening periodically. I would always be able to solve it with this solution:

1. Turn off the TV
2. Unplug the TV
3. Wait 15 seconds
4. Plug in the TV
5. Turn on the TV via the power button on the TV itself (Not the remote)
6. Click the OK/Scroll button on the remote

However it's not helping any more. Now when I try it, the message is still showing up. The remote still works fine, except the pointer is not working and every time I click the OK/Scroll button the message reappears.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have a OLED55C8 and the same problem since the TV updated to the most recent firmware that adds Airplay. 05.30.10. I can pair it again using the method unplugging the tv, but the Bluetooth service needs to be initialized the day after... Anyone knows how to fix it?


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I updated my 55B8 to firmware 05.30.10 and was please that airplay turned up as I did not think my model was getting it.

But I am also now getting the “Bluetooth service needs to be initialised” message and magic remote pointer has stopped working. I have re paired by turning TV off at mains etc but has stopped working a day later ...


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For me it was a wifi issue. Its real finnicky. Any small change in router or ip and it flips out, does the bluetooth thing. Reset to factory and original wifi/router settings fixed mine.


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Magic Remote cursor wheel failed last week, just 7 months old. I thought it wouldn't last too long but did expect to get a couple of years out of it. My last Samsung remote lasted 9 years, was still working when the TV gave me bonus green horizontal lines. I have an old 4 speaker stereo system I bought in 1996, and its remote is still working today. 7 months to a mechanical failure with routine usage suggests poor design, construction and materials. The TV was made in India, not sure if the remote was, but not impressed with the Magic Remote. Less magic and more reliability would be preferable.


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My c8 is exactly the same on firmware 05.30.10, remote works but the magic doesn’t, no pointer, and keep getting the Bluetooth message too if I try to re-pair remote. Have to power tv off at wall and back on. Works again for a little while then same again.

really hope LG fix this.


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Fix found on Reddit

Essentially LG advised someone with the same issues to turn off QuickStart+ in settings/general.

I also turned off the Mobile TV On settings and deleted any pairings as I felt the issue started when I paired my iPhone.

You might need to power cycle too.

I did this several days ago and the remote has been working perfectly since.


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This happened to me also, and I suppose is after the 5.30.10 update.
Is there any way to roll back the firmware?

Later edit:
I disabled the QuickStart+ and seems to work; even so, this is an imposed limitation that should be corrected by the manufacturer with a FW update.
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Same here. Problem started in last 48 hours. Thought it was batteries but after changing (twice) and re-pairing, remote lost cursor fairly quickly. I've just disabled QuickStart+ and it hasn't dropped out again.....yet.

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