LG LW980T OR Phillips 21:9 Set?



New TV time! I'm debating between LG's LW980T or a 21:9 Phillips TV. Mainly watch films but watch the odd TV broadcast via Virgin. Will be connected to my media centre via my Onkyo amp.

I'm not to fussed with 3D at the moment as there doesn't seem to be much content decent out still.

For the Phillips TV, is the old set better than the new one? Or?

What's the cheapest price for the new Phillips set? The 58PFL9955H I think?
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no idea about the LG, sorry.

i have the 58pfl9955, and prior to that had the 56pfl9954 21:9, once you have gone cinescope theres no going back, that coupled with the ambilight, you wont believe you compared it with a standard black box in the LG.

i believe the 58pfl can be seen in the wild, occasionally, for circa £2-2.5k, there is a lot of discussion in the 58pfl9955 owners thread about this and the newer version, and whether the difference is worth the 2k additional funds, most think not.

i say all of this, due to you mentioning its mainly for films - you cant get a better format and tv for this IMHO :thumbsup:

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