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Hello everybody,
This is my first ever post on an internet forum so I do apologise if anything I am doing is incorrect.

I have just come into the possession of the LG LHB755W 5.1 surround sound home theater system however the receiver is broken (the volume changes a lot at random). I was thinking of keeping the speakers and buying a new receiver (something like the YAMAHA RX-V481 which I have found on gumtree). However I am worried about the compatibility of these speakers with a new receiver as they all have a 4 ohm impedence rating and almost all of the receivers I find only show data for 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers. I have done some research online but seem to find conflicting info, some saying that these numbers need to be closely matched or you could damage the receiver others saying that running low impedence speakers on systems that are designed for higher impedance is fine... most of the time.

The best specifications I can find for the speakers is attached or can be found on page 75 of the owners manual found here: LG LHB755W Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Australia.

I do realise that the subwoofer is passive and that it will not work with most AV systems but I was thinking of either buying an amplifier for it or just spending some money on a decent active subwoofer.

To summarise:
If I plug the speakers (not subwoofer) from the LG LHB755W into a YAMAHA RX-V481 or similar receiver will anything break or wear? And will it work/ sound good?

Thanks very much in advance and have an awesome day! :)


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If they won´t drop below 4ohm then you should be able to use them on normal living room levels, but usually these HTIB lifestyle sats are meant to be used with the amp they come with. And while LG makes great tv`s and washing machines, the speakers are more or less garbage.

Do yourself a favour and try to find some cheap hifi speakers used with the Yamaha receiver. Even a pair of quality floorstanding speakers first if money is tight and then slowly add the rest. Just look something popular that you can at least find matching center channel for the same range. With subwoofers there is no matching required. Not sure which brands are popular / available there in AU but usually you can´t go much wrong with known brands like Kef, B&W, Monitor Audio, Dali, Klipsch, JBL, Q Acoustics etc.
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