LG LH series 3.15 firmware


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My 32LH2000 shipped with firmware version 3.12 and after some heavy googling, I found v.3.15 on an LG page.

I thought others might be interested to know about this too...

The only change I made was to convert the instructions to PDF from the original PowerPoint file.

The instructions are attached and the firmware file can be downloaded from the LG software page, or from my Dropbox: v3.15.00_EU_ALL_0.1.50.97_flash.epk.zip

I can verify that the USB port still works after the upgrade (I had previously enabled it through the service menu). Despite this, upgrade at your own risk.



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Thanks for this post.

Very useful :clap:

I used this guide and firmware on my LG 32LF2510 and it worked perfectly.

G Linke

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I know this is an old forum, but I would like to get hold of the V3.15 firmware if I can. The dropbox option no longer works and I can't seem to find it anywhere else. My version is currently V3.13 and I'd like to upgrade if possible. Can anyone help me please?

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