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LG LF7700 Calibration Settings help


Standard Member
Hi everyone, I have just purchased the LG LF7700 and have been doing a bit of looking around to find the optimum calibration settings. I can't seem to find them anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get these or if you have this TV yourself and perhaps have some suggestions.

Thanks :)


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Hi there,

I bought this TV last week and have also been scouring the web for some suggested picture settings, but no luck so far. It's almost as if no one else is buying it :rolleyes:...
So having tinkered with this set for a good five days I've settled on the following:

Backlight 40, Contrast 90, Brightness 50, Sharpness 0, Colour 55, Tint R2, Colour Temp Medium, Noise Reduction Off, Eye Care On, Real Cinema Off, TruMotion Off.

FreesatHD (BBC HD):
BL 40, Con 88, Bri 52, Sharp 0, Col 40, Tint R3, Colour Temp Medium, NR Low, Eye Care On, Real Cinema On, TruMotion Off

BL 40, Con 90, Bri 53, Sharp 5, Col 43, Tint R2, Col Temp Medium, NR Off, Black Level High, Eye Care Off, Real Cinema Off, TruMotion Off

I've run the THX Optimizer off an Aliens DVD and for movies it suggested:
BL 44, Con 100, Bri 45, Sharp 32, (no B/F glasses for colour!)

Naturally these might look a bit gash according to your environment but have a go and see what you think. Any suggestions for SD setup would be appreciated :smashin:

Also I have become aware of back light bleed ONLY in Freesat mode - a two inch strip the entire length across the top of the TV. Have you or anyone noticed this or is my set going back to the shop?



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i've got the backlight bleed at the top along with buzzing backlight inverter, poor viewing angles/blacks. Going straight back, shame really as I got a blu ray player free with it.


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is that with sky on rgb and in the rgb skart? Also what have you got the sky contrast settings at? - lo medium or high

Having trouble getting the picture to look like i want it with my sky+
everything seems a little dark and pale?
I keep tinkering but Im struggling


Standard Member
Ended up swapping it for a different tv a couple of weeks ago so have forgotten what you have available to tinker with in the settings sorry. Far as I remember I would have had Sky+ set to RGB and low contrast through the RGB scart.
I guess stick to the warm colour presets and make sure the energy saving option is switched off. Have you noticed when you select a factory picture preset that engages the energy saving it stays engaged even when you swap to your custom presets. Nice TV though, I do miss the Freesat HD. :smashin:

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