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Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by Retro Techno, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Having a look around these forums, I've noticed a few users who own the LF65/66 range of TV and have enquired about calibration of their sets.
    I've recently had a chance to re-calibrate my old LF65 and noted down the settings.
    Compared to newer LG models, the settings on these TV's are minimal. Calibration was done using a THX optimizer on DVD through an upscaling player over HDMI.

    Contrast: 100
    Brightness: 41 - Black: low
    Brightness: 21 - Black: high
    Colour: 40
    Sharpness: 25

    Red: 0
    Blue: 0
    Green: 0

    I left the colour values at zero as after using a colour card to alter them, I saw very little effect on the colour test.
    The black level can be adjusted in the advanced menu. High level will make blacks look grey so brightness must be reduced. Whichever setting chosen, the results are very similar.
    The contrast level is high due to all eight white shades in the test being fully visible side by side.
    Hope this helps.

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