lg led tv blurry using computer


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just bought an lg tv model 47lv4400. connect the ps3 to it and it looked ok, then i connected my computer to it and it was zoomed in. i have heard of the zoomed in issue and corrected by setting the mode to 'just scan'. then i noticed that the screen is blurry and has green tint to it. after alot of googling all i could find is people saying they need to name the input to 'PC' and that fixes it. this only applies to samsung and i do not see any option on my lg tv to do this. i always have the tv set to game mode to reduce the display lag but does this in all modes. also while googling i found alot that ask about the cable and video drivers, this is not the case, it is the tv. my brother has a samsung and he confirmed setting the mode to 'just scan' only fixes the zoom, not the color. he said the name 'PC' is required.

what does the 'PC' mode on samsung do ?

why does the ps3 look ok on the tv and the computer lcd yet the computer only looks good on the lcd ?

using the computer i went to Sharpness - Lagom LCD test and that is way off with a tint of green in the squares with the thicker lines and squares. i messed with every setting i could and could not come anywhere close to correcting the tv display.

then i checked Subpixel layout - Lagom LCD test and the radiating lines from rgb, vrgb, bgr, vbgr looked more green than black.

i first i thought this was a defect in the tv or the fact that is an led and ordered a new tv.

after some discussion with my brother i tried the vga input and the computer looks fine suggesting the tv is fine and its some other problem.

i have a few more tests to run; different computer and could try looking at that web page using the ps3 web browser, and checking another tv in the house.

its not the hdmi cable, i tried a few. i did try changing the color range to and from full and limited but only changed the color a little bit, didnt fix the blur or green tint.

i did find one link when googling that suggested its possible to get into a service mode on the tv to have more options. is this possible ? but then i wonder should i have to do all this work on a new tv.

i am thinking i need to return both these lg tvs for being defective and get a samsung and name all inputs to 'PC' so the image or video looks correct. could anyone offer an explanation to what is wrong?


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Somewhere in the manual for your LG TV there should be a table of supported modes with resolutions, clock rates, refresh rates etc.
(You may need to download the full manual as a PDF file from LG's support site)
Set your graphics card to a matchng/suported mode.
TVs with multiple HDMI inputs often only support PC input on one of those ports - the manual should state which specific HDMI port to use with a PC.


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there is a table of horizontal and virtical refresh rates, i was kinda wondering why that was in the manual. i thought all this was done with edid. i did notice the edid was invalid when i tried 24p, edid said it can do 24p but the valid freq range was something like 40 ~ 70 ( guessing since i am at work right now).

so i need to use those frequencies and create a custom mode line on the computer ?

there is only hdmi1, hdmi2, hdmi3, rgp-pc ( vga). the vga does look alot better. i dont understand what the tv does differently with rgb-pc, or on the samsungs when the input is named 'pc'. does it send a different edid so the device sends a different signal or does it interprete the signal differently.


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i did some research on setting the horizontal and virtical refresh rates and that seems to only effect the size and position of display, i did not find anything that suggest that would effect blur or color.

i did find that many tvs suffer from chroma sub sampling, i was thinking this might be what is happening but not sure how to verify this.

i used the web browser on the ps3 to see how the lcd test image looked compared to the computer and also had a green tint.

also found out how to name the inputs from a set list, i choose PC and that didnt fix the blur or green tint.

anyone know how to check if the tv is doing chroma sub sampling?


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