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Hi there,
I've been visiting this forum for some time now, but never posted, so hope you can help....! I recently bought a new LG LCD 37" TV and love it. it is mounted in a small space in my living room, with a Sky+HD box and PS3 and Wii beneath.

My issue is that the speakers in the TV arent all that good, but i dont have space for a full surround sound package as I dont have room for a big amp. I have tried the Sharp HTSB200 Surround Sound Bar, which although could fit above the TV, when attached to either the Audio Out points on the TV or the headphone slot, or even Sky +HD audio out point, had a delay to the audio which put it out of synch with the TV picture

I also tried some bluetooth speakers from Parrot, but they too had a delay when plugged into the headphone slot, although I suspect this could be due to the time taken to process and send the Bluetooth audio signal to the other speaker.

My question is does anyone either know
1) Can I get a speaker upgrade for the TV that will not cause a delay ?
2) Are there any small active speakers that would plug straight into my TV, and be operated from the TV remote ?
3) Are there any small amps that could clip to the back of my TV that would work (i have some old surround sound speakers).

Thanks for any help...! :)


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