LG lcd problem: blank screen at some situations?



Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and desperate for an answer.

I have a 37" LG LCD TV, which looks superb. A week ago, we noticed that sometimes, when we tried to change the channel, suddenly the screen went blank. Just as if it was turned off (no menus, no image, no TV graphics, nothing) but with the sound remaining intact. The only solution seemed to turn it off for 30+ minutes, and turn it on again, but soon it happened again.

Yesterday, it began to do it when commercials popped up. It IS strange.

Just in case anybody wonders, I use a composite (you know, the single round plug) jack as TV input. I know it's the worst possible option, but it's what I have now.

Does anybody have the slightest clue about what could this be about? I phoned LG and they couldn't give me a straight answer.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Are you viewing with a built-in digital tuner? I sometimes get this as I am in a poor signal area. The sound comes through but there's no picture.


Not really, this TV des not come with such a device. I am just using the usual old-timer TV plug.

Through some research I found that it might be due to a cold solder. I think it's nothing too terrible, cause sometimes I do get an image for an extended period (the day before yesterday I watched "V for vendetta" in one sitting and it didn't fail, while the day before that I couldn't watch it for 30 minutes straight) and all in all, it turns on/off fine (no smells, no delays, no led flickering, etc). I simply get no image sometimes, when "something" changes (enter commercials, channel changing, etc).

I smell high voltage troubles here, but nothing that a professional cannot solve for a reasonable fee. Anybody experienced something similar?


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My TV wont even turn on, then randomly it will just kick on and work fine for a while then shut off on its own...now I cant even get it to come back on, just turns on to a lit black screen then powers off a few minutes later.


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I had an engineer around last week to fix the problem of the channels freezing.

Now it doesn't even turn on.

I've had no TV for 3 days and no come back from LG.
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