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LG Infinia 47" TV - Wireless Connection Probs


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Hi there.

I have installed an LG Infinia 47" LCDTV.

I am trying to access the Wi-Fi via a new Belkin Wireless USB, connected to the correct USB port.

The USB picks up power - as indicated by the flasher-light. However, the TV will not recognise this device.

I have tried connecting via traditional LAN Cable and all works fine.

I have spoken briefly to LG but only got an understandable reaction (try an LG Wireless USB). Cant blame them for that suggestion - but they are £70 or so, so I am keen to find a solution.

Thinking further in to the Belkin situation, this device requires drivers to be installed via CD (and the TV does not have the facility for this, obviously). However, do you think a plug-and-play wireless USB would work?

Has anyone else had this problem or a solution?


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The only solution is to use the LG ANWF100 dongle. The television does not contain drivers for any other USB wireless dongle, nor the ability to install them. The dongle is £50.


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Ok update for you all.

I got the "LG AN-WF100" Wif Fi USB.

Apart from ordering it online, I had difficulty in finding it in the shops - Nowhere seems to stock it. However I eventually tracked it down to PC World and paid £49.99 for it.

I plugged it in the TV and it then picked up the Wi Fi device and recognised the Sky Broadband Wi-Fi signal. However I could not get it to connect to my SKY Wi-Fi, even using my existing password which works on everything else (if you're using sky and haven't changed your password, its on the back of the sky router).

I had to use my Laptop to log in to my system setup:

Firstly the URL Address for the Sky configuration is which you enter in to your web browser (as if entering a www. address). You will then be asked for your username and your password.

  • The Default Username for the Sky router is : admin
  • The Default Password for the Sky router is : sky

In the configuration settings, I had to change the Channel (from 1) to Channel 11 - then re-save the settings.

I then had to go back to the TV network-connection setup and re-enter my sky password - Hey presto, TV now picks up the Sky Wi-Fi and works a treat.

Not exactly plug and play - but a satisfactory solution in the end!

Good luck.


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