LG HX300G - Any thoughts?


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Hi Guys,

Just looking for some quick words of advice/wisdom. I've been lusting after a projector for a while now, but have had very limited funds.

Anyways, I came across this one on pixmania:

LG HX300G VIDEO PROJECTOR buy at the cheapest price, best deals, online shop LG HX300G VIDEO JECTOR - Ireland

Seems like great value. I'm only looking for something very much at the entry level point, and this may fit the bill (and budget!!). I know it's not HD, but the HDMI interface will at least mean I will have no issues running my bluray player to it etc.

Has anyone had any experience with it? Would it be a good purchase or should I avoid like the plague? All thoughts welcome!



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Tbh it depends in what u want from a pj. They are good for what they are. No need to change lamps is a plus and also the ability to be turned on and off whenever u want. Being low in lumens, I would expect 80" diagonal image is max.

If ur using it like a tv then could be ok. But there would be a pretty big difference, image wise, between this and proper HT pj. In that there would be a lot more depth, sharpness, pop, blacks etc. etc. to the image.

I had a similar led pj Acer K330 (first pj) before but returned it due to the noise level (but I think the Lg isn't too noisy), it being not so sharp and very very poor black floor level, in that if there's a dark scene, everything is light grey. But bright scenes looked fine tbh. I then went into lamp based HT pjs and u get some serious wow moments from these that u won't get from the budget led pjs. A bit of a night and day difference tbh.

Like I said, if u just want a big screen without lamps and can live with the limitations then they might serve u well. These pjs or the others Qumi, Optoma ML500 etc. are better and different from those cheap chinese led pjs. But still from experience, my advice, is that it's worth investing in a proper HT pj.

Just my 2p.
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