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Hi, this is a known issue but couldn't see any permanent fix yet, other than a powerful splitter costing more than the Apple TV.

Issue is the Sonos ARC has one HDMI E-ARC out, the apple tv 4k can do Dolby but not when it's being sent to the projector via HDMI one and the ARC is going to the projectors HDMI ARC (very confusing name!) ARC ARC ARC, ARC ARC E-ARC.

I've tried both gen 1 and 2 of the Apple tv in some vain hope of a miracle fix. The system only plays in Dolby 5.1 or PCM Stereo with the current config'.

Side note, I could not get the Sonos ARC (received yesterday) to recognize the ARC HMDI input. Turns out the HDMI cable is too long, 10m, switched to a 7.5m one and it picked it up. Sonos could not work out the issue, after explaining to the 'technical expert' what a projector was and what an Apple tv was ("Why are you using a tv and a projector at the same time"?!) they decided that it was impossible to play audio in the current set up. Very hit and miss with Sonos tech support...

Anyway, if any one had a work around or fix I'd very much appreciate it. Just upgraded from the Yamaha YSP2200 which was a very good system (and for sale if anyone wants) but without Atmos the upgrade is somewhat muted.

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SONOS Arc - that name does confuse folk, capitalising the A is all important :)

HDMI Cable - any time you want to deliver 4K UHD further than 5m you are best to consider a Hybrid Fibre HDMI cable which supports eARC.

The Fix - always helpful to outline how you resolved the problem as that may help someone in the same situation.


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