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LG HT752 - Speakers only HELP!!


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hi .. I bought the LG HT752 speakers from a friend ... Only the speaker and not the amplifier set or remote. (LG HT752 Reviews and Price Comparision: 5.1 LG Home Cinema System)

I thought i could easily fix it into a DVD player ... but I guess I am wrong ..

Each speaker is to be connected with a wire that is split into two wires (red and black) ... one end goes to the set and the other to the speaker ....

Could someone experienced pls give me an idea about how to put the speakers to work?

is it possible to buy the dvd set only?

I was expecting to do something very smart by mixing and match ... but i guess i am terribly wrong now!!

Pls help!



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You won't get the speakers to work by connecting them directly to a standalone DVD player - you will need some sort of amplifier instead, i.e a home cinema amplifier or reciever. These have screw-on terminals for speaker wire which will allow you to connect these speakers.

It's not very likely that you will be able to buy a replacement DVD/amplifier unit like the one that originally came with the speakers on its own. You may find one on offer in the classifieds though.

When you buy a subwoofer on its own, you'll find that it will be "active" (connected to the mains for its own power supply), and use a single phono type cable for connection to a home cinema amp. Assuming you got the sub along with the rest of the speakers, what type of connections does it have? If it just has the same two red/black wires like the rest of the speakers, and hasn't got its own power supply (i.e a "passive" subwoofer) then you probably will not be able to use this with a standalone amp.

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