LG HT462DZ, adjusting subwoofer level


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Anyone have one of these?

Is there a way to turn the subwoofer level up/down?

Thank you

i think you need to go into SETUP and then 5.1 setup... you can change the levels and delays from there.

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The HT462DZ is a 2.1 channel system with a passive subwoofer. The cinema unit itsel has very few adjustments for audio, and video for that matter.

Being a passive subwoofer, and seeing that the unit is an all in one combi, it's a fairly all or nothing design. There is no way to actually turn the subwoofer off, short of disconnecting it from the back of the dvd/amp unit.
You might be able to reduce the sound from the sub in the units DRC option. Enabling DRC (Dynamic Range Control) will reduce the greatness between the loudest and quitest noises, therefore it might bring your subwoofer down in volume a little, whilst seemingly boosting quieter noises like dialogue tracks and back ground noise (bustle from the streets, cars, birds etc...)
As far as I know this only works with Dolby Digital and not DTS soundtracks on this unit.
Try placing the subwoofer elsewhere in the room to achieve a desired level (true bass is a non directional sound, unlike higher frequencies) and move the subwoofer away from corners and walls in order to reduce boomy sounds. It might help a little.
Good luck.

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