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Hi, Can anyone help me. i want to play the Tv through the surround sound system, its a LG 353sd. Is it possible & if so how do i do it?

Thanks Ian
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Look for audio inputs on the LG system, what connectors does it have? Your TV most likely has analogue audio out (red/white) or optical. What audio output does it have? If you can't see any, list the make and model number or a link to a spec list or online manual and we can take a look.


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Hi Dave,

The TV is a LG32LF7700, the manual shows five component in plugs, three for video & two for audio.




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The dedicated audio output on your TV is a digital optical connection. Unfortunately, the sound system doesn't appear to have a digital input for you to connect this to.

Instead the sound system has a stereo analogue input. Without buying a digital to analogue signal converter you cannot connect the digital optical connection into this analogue input. These are usually quite expensive and could be a significant fraction of what you paid for this whole 5.1 system.

Another option you have is to try using the TV's scart connection to output audio. If you connect a scart to phono adaptor to the TVs scart connection, this will provide you with a stereo analogue output - that can then be connected direct to the sound system. You should get audio output from the TV's tuners (Freeview/Freesat), but the drawback of this method is that it doesn't always give you audio from external sources connected to the TV over HDMI, etc (the optical output would though).

A last option would be to connect the headphone output of the TV to the analogue in on the sound system. A stereo phono to 3.5mm jack cable will allow you to do this, and would probably be the cheapest method. You will be left with the cable sticking out the side of the TV, since that's where the headphone socket is (i.e not hidden round the back with the rest of the cables).

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