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Jun 23, 2010
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Hello people,
I bought the LG HT305SU home cinema which has USB port.
Manual says that it supports ONLY usb flash drives(stick) but not external HDD's.
Is there a mod like format a hard drive to act like a flash drive(even if i think its a memory controller type difference) or I have to buy a dedicated media player ?

Thanks in advance :)
hey quick question i am wanting to buy the same surround sound system. does it play blu ray discs? some websites states it does some doesnt. thanks.
Yes, it's the same one as you link to, and No, it doesn't play Blu-ray's, only dvd's.
can anybody help me please ?. Is there anyway of getting this system to play tv programs to play through all six speakers i have a v box+. It is driving me mad trying to get my tv channels to play through the speakers. Thanks

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