Question LG HS9 aka las 950m problem


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I'm hoping someone here can help me put I stop to me pulling my hair out with my soundbar.

I brought this soundbar 3 and a bit years ago and have never had a problem with it. This was a £1000 unit at the time.

In the last 6 weeks it has got a mind of it's own. It will randomly while watching telly, come off the optical one source and and shows Wi-Fi on the display and keeps saying wi-fi connect Wi-Fi connect and you are unable to press any button. Display scrolling disabled etc.

it's very strange that it's asking for Wi-Fi because it's always been hardwired and never had a problem. I emailed LG support and sent them videos and photos of the item.

I was shocked to find out when they ask for the serial number and I gave them it, they told me this unit should never have been sold and there's nothing else they can do for me even though I brought it via eBay from a lg supplier.

This is where the problem also starts and many of you may not know this.

eBay only hold records for 3 years and exactly 3 years and a couple of months when I made the purchase. Can't go back to supplier

They sent me to PayPal.and it is the same problem there is a cut-off date of 3 years for any transactions.

The bank says can't help as well. As PayPal from some reason didn't take the payment as a debit card payment but a direct debit payment.

I reflashed the soundbar after taking apart to get the usb plastic out and it stopped for 2 weeks. Last night it stated going mad again. I reinstalled the LG music flow app and says was a update to software. So I updated, took the update and was ok for 4 hours. Today I just turned on and going crazy again

Any ideas? I called a few repair places and they say not a normal problem like a speaker or a button and unsure.

I have a video but seems to big to post?


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You could put the video on a sharing site like Dropbox and post the link to it.....


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Well members. I turned the unit off again at wall for a day. I took out the lan. Opt1 and the blaster (covers the Sony TV sensors) as well out.

Rebooted today with power and went to WiFi and went mad again. So it can't be something from the TV sending something to the unit as I was thinking this.

Does anyone know does it have a battery setting in side like a pc?

At present I think is a sticky WiFi button or add speaker button but I have cleaned them


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What happens if you kill the network link ?

Could it be something is trying to access the bar for music playback on the network.


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Tried with no Lan connection as well as no app on phone and nothing connection to Bluetooth.

It's going to WiFi when your watching TV, PS4 etc

As stated I removed all 3 leads and it does it

So far today 1 hour on and no madness as watching the F1 build up

When WiFi flashes on speaker normally after a boot or firmware update

The disabled is something to do with when speaker reset

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