Lg hd600 not booting up past "please wait"



I have a HR600 3D Blu-Ray player, Freeview PVR and networking machine.

When it is turned on it the display reads "Please Wait" and just hangs and goes no further.

LG technical support said 'try a firmware update' - ha!! It isn't accepting a disc or USB as it isn't booting that far into the system to respond to anything other than power on/off.

I contacted them again and they said try holding the on/off button down for 7 seconds as that could work on doing a re-set. It didn't. Is there any reset on a circuit board or anything like that?


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I know on the DS, a firmware update can be performed by extracting the required files to a USB stick, plugging it into one of the rear USB ports, and power up the machine; it then boots from the USB stick.
Have you tried disconnecting everything (including HDMI and any other video/network cables), and plug only the power back in?
Regards, Iain.


Hi Iain,

There are no rear USB ports, I plugged the USB stick in the front port, turned it off, took out any leads and then restarted and it went into the Please Wait mode almost immediately after starting and just stayed there still.


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