LG have just lost me as a customer because of a dead 32PG6000 ....


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Hi Guys and Gals - sorry that I had to join AVForums just to let LG know that they have lost me as a customer but it has proven to be the only way to get a message to someone who might just care.

On 2nd January 2009, I purchased a 32PG6000 and loved it.

Towards the end of April, it died.

Contacted LG Customer Services on 23rd April as per the Warranty Card instructions and they arranged to courier the set to Goodies in Bedford for repair on 27th April.

Goodies called a few days later and left a message to say that repair was in hand and they would contact me when it was completed.

Weeks went by and nothing was heard.

On 22nd May, called Goodies to be told they were waiting for LG to approve a panel replacement or write off.

I immediately called LG Customer Services to ask them what was going on and was told that because I had complained after a suitable length of time the problem would be escalated and that the set would probably be written off!!

((Why this wasn't done immediately LG knew the panel was dead, I have no idea))

I am now waiting for the letter to say that it has been written off.

I am also waiting for the dead television to be returned so that I can arrange to get both the letter and the dead television back to my retailer.

Yes folks, LG require the dead television and a letter writing it off to both be sent to the original retailer by me, the customer!!

So, I have been without my television for 5 weeks and still have no idea when I will have a television as I can't do anything until I get the refund. LG Customer Services were 200% unhelpful and obstructive - maybe that's because they are sub-contracted by LG rather than employed by them - they didn't even know the name of LG's Managing Director or where he is based!!!

I was going to write to Mr Lim but I really don't believe that it would have achieved more than me posting this message here.

Neither LG or their agents have been pro-active in this and, as a result, progress has only happened when I have chased LG Customer Services additionally the whole episode shows what a farce LG's green pretentions are because...

...the television went from my home in Berkshire to the repair company in Bedfordshire and is now going to go from Bedfordshire back to my home in Berkshire. It will then be shipped to the retailer in Norfolk so that they can send it back to LG in Buckinghamshire so that LG in Buckinghamshire can throw it in the nearest skip.

Logic suggests that a simple letter to me, to be passed to my retailer, stating that LG have written off the television and asking them to provide me with a new one would make a lot more sense, on every level, than the shipment of this set around the country so that it can end up in a skip in Slough.

Apart from all of the above stupidity, this whole episode has cost LG their reputation and my custom plus it has cost me a lot of time and money due to the fact that the 32PG6000 is now "obsolete" and so my retailer does not have any. It was bought in my retailer's New Year sale and so something comparable is going to cost me a lot more money.

The final irony in all this is that I live just 20 minutes from LG's Head Office in Slough.

Summary, LG Customer Services are as useful as a chocolate fireguard and won't do anything to resolve this. My room can only accommodate a 32" screen and it is going to cost me extra cash to get a sensible substitute.


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Sorry to hear of your problems but you should have gone to your retailer first not to LG. Why LG don't tell you this though i dont know.

I had a problem and actually rang LG first and they took a week to reply regarding the problem saying they would need to collect. While waiting for LG to get back to me i rang Dixons, where i got it from and they had an engineer round within 2 days, he confirmed it would need to be taken away and probably would get written off.

It was taken away 2 days after that and now its been away for 14 days and i am now getting a credit for it as the panel needs replacing and its not economical.


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crunchie is right, ultimately it's the retailer (first) that should take responsibility of faulty or defective goods (The fact that the TV died in the first place can of course be attributed to LG though!! :( )

Having said that, I had a faulty electric toothbrush a while ago, I rang up Braun and they said they'd send a replacement (didn't even want the faulty one back) it was about £60 worth. the NEXT DAY a brand new boxed up toothbrush came!! now THAT'S manufacturer service for ya!! :clap:


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Hi and thanks for the replies. :)

Agreed that the situation would normally mean going straight to the retailer but my general experience of retailers has been less than good with things like this. Plus, the LG Warranty states that they expect the customer to go direct to LG if it is a Plasma product that fails and, of course, this is a plasma television. The only time that LG want the customer to go to the retailer is for a failed LCD product and then only in the first 28 days.

Looks like I got doubly screwed for actually following LG's own procedures! :(

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