LG GX (OLED65GX) 4K OLED TV Review & Comments

anyone reckon it's abit of a concern that there is no ventilation behind the panel seeing as it's right up against the wall especially for the bigger sized GX?


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The panel is thicker so I think it should be fine but good point.

would be interesting to know if the gx line has a custom cooling solution or not


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So I am moving house in the next 2 weeks, I currently have a pedastel mounted C6 Curve on a TV stand, the TV will be wall mounted in the new house on the chimney breast with the centre speaker, amp and XBox in a custom build within the unused fireplace.
I would prefer a flat screen instead of curved due to the mounting location in the room, the GX would look fantastic where it would be mounted due to how thin it is andthe closeness to the wall, the freeview issue has put me off slightly but I can overcome this by streaming UK catchup via the XBox (the wife will need additional training) and noted the previous comments in this thred ref the C9 instead, what's peoples thoughts on a C9 over the GX or another suitable upgrade for wall mounting.

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