LG GX 4K OLED TV Preview

Robert Zohn

Excellent coverage Phil! Love the video interview. I also spent much time in LG's private suite with the brilliant Neil Robinson.


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I always wondered why Oled TV's never came like this. My very first oled from LG was more like this with the electronics spread out and thin (55EA8800)
20mm thick for the entire tv is great.
Why make a bulge at the bottom and so thin at the top? get's you further away from the wall and 9 times out of 10 you get a curved screen as it's so thin at the top..
This GX will be nice and flat :love:


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I really like this design rather than the lower 1/3 electronics bump for wall mounting. Will be interesting to see how this is priced, keeping my eye on this...


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Yeah, I’m hoping for the E series pricing (albeit cheaper than last years E series as the tech rolls on) as it’s now discontinued ...
Edit: I guess there is the additional cost of the mount which’s be pricey..mind you the fact it’s called a G I guess blows my hopes away :)
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