LG G1 Oled allways selects HDR mode with set top box



I have the following question.

I have a set top box (local belgian provider Proximus) that is a '4K' android tv based set top box connected to an LG G1 Oled.
Even when viewing SD or Full HD channels, the set top box seems to upscale everything to 4K and the LG G1 oled selects a HDR picture mode.

When I go into the LG detailed picture screen I get:
General Info
[email protected] YCBCR422 8BIT FUTURE
AVI Info frame
Pixel Encoding YCBCR422
Extended Colometry: BT2020_RGBQRYCBCR VIC : 96
RGB Quantization Range : DEFAULT, YCC Quantization Range: Limited

Since I only watch 4K content from the TV built-in apps itself (Plex,Netflix), I thought of forcing the set top box to output Full HD [email protected] so that the TV could handle the upscaling.
When I did this however, the OLED still selects a HDR picture mode.
The General Info is now:
[email protected] YCBCR444 12BIT ITU709
AVI Info frame:
Pixel EncodingUCBCR444
Extended Colometry: XVYCC601 VIC : 20
RGB Quantization Range : DEFAULT, YCC Quantization Range: Limited

1) Should I let the set top box handle the upscaling or force the resolution like mentioned above?
2) Is the 'forced' output correctly displayed, even though it still mentions UHD?
3) Is there a way to let the LG force the set top box to pass the right resolution depending on the contents it sends?




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Yeah that is odd, are there no controls for SDR/HDR on the Android box itself, something on that must be sending a HDR signal to the TV. I'd contact them if there is not as that is a big oversight in the product (check if it has a firmware too just in case they already fixed this).

You could turn off ultra deep color support on TV Proximus HDMI input which would disable HDR, see how it behaves with that. Use the TV internal apps for streaming services and Proximus box for SDR TV, as a workaround of sorts.

1 - if some source content is 4k then leave the Proximus box doing the upscaling of lower resolution content.
2 - the first one is HDR, the second one is SDR but TV you mention is still in HDR mode so that is wrong.
3 - that would depend on the Proximus box having a match resolution feature which being an android box it likely does not have. At its core android was designed for scaling everything to a static resolution at 60hz, its not like the old boxes which dynamically changed resolution and refresh rate.

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