LG G1 and Yamaha RX-V679; question on UHD Blurays and DTS

Long time lurker :) Background first... then question.

We've just finally moved on from our old 5y old LG 65" and bought a 65" LG G1 (what an upgrade). Other equipment is a Yamaha RX-V679 and a Sony Bluray player. Previously I had the Bluray, a Chromecast and a Beyonwiz 3-tuner recorder all connected into the Yamaha, and then HDMI -> old LG, all controlled by a Harmony Elite setup... and it all worked well.

I wanted to simplify with this upgrade, so have removed the Beyonwiz as it wasn't being used, and initially setup the Bluray and Chromecast into the LG G1, then HDMI ARC -> the Yamaha. All worked really well with the LG remote controlling everything (no need for the Harmony!). Then I discovered that the LG doesn't "do" DTS-HD Master Audio (fortunately my test bluray was Bladerunner 2049 with DTS-HD MA) - since confirmed by research that the LG won't even pass it through :(

To fix that I've moved the Bluray player into HDMI 1 on the Yamaha, which is then HDMI and ARC connected to the G1 - and fortunately everything still works very well with HDMI, including power control and sync, play/pause, etc., and the universal remote function for the LG works nicely for the Sony BD player. So I'm good for now... very impressed actually with CEC, Simplink, etc. all just doing what it should!

But - I'd like to get a UHD Bluray player.

First question - if I go to a UHD Bluray player and swap out the Sony Bluray, connected to RX-V679 HDMI 1 (so I get DTS-HD), will the (old-ish) Yamaha restrict capability through to the G1 (e.g. I don't think it supports HDR10?)

If that is the case, I can't afford to replace the Yamaha at this stage - what do I do then?? In researching I see the LG UHD player manual recommends a double HDMI connection out - video to TV and audio to AVR, but I'm thinking that would push me back to needing the Harmony to get everything switched over neatly on source change... which I'm kinda glad not to have to use any more.

Thoughts and recommendations welcome! :)
OK... so no luck with that one. :)

I'll rephrase -

First question on video: if I get a UHD player which can output HDR and Dolby Vision and connect it to the Yamaha (so I get DTS-HD MA), will the RX-V679 (which supports HDR) passthrough that stream to my LG 65" G1 intact, or will I lose HDR / DV?

As the Yamaha does not support Dolby Atmos, I am thinking the next improvement would be a new AVR with Atmos support... but I'll save that for separate discussion.
OK with reading a bunch more threads I can see that the RX-V679 will passthrough HDR but not DV. I have some more questions but will post in specific sub-forums for those...

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