LG G1 77" or LG C1 83"? please advise me


Hi. I am looking for a new OLED TV. In my country there are TV available at a similar price:
LG G1 77" and LG C1 83".

Please advise me:
1. Which one would you choose if you could choose between these two options? Why?

2. I wonder what are the real differences? Probably C1 is darker than G1. Is it very noticeable? I don't know whether to choose a 6-inch bigger but darker TV or a 6-inch smaller but slightly better quality TV...

3. In addition, I have a question regarding the quality and life of the screen. LG offers a 5-year warranty in the USA on the G1 model. Unfortunately, the C1 model only has a 2-year warranty. It's puzzling... Is LG C1 of lower quality and LG believes more in G1 and doubts the quality of C1? Maybe G1 have a better service life than C1? For example, a lower risk of burnout?

If anyone takes a moment for me, I will be very grateful!


1. LG C1, the extra size is worth the downgrade in HDR picture quality, for me sound is not an issue.
2. Dimmer HDR picture which makes the G1 more striking in HDR mode, better sound on the G1, a guarantee the G1 is using the latest EVO panel which apart from being brighter is also more durable.
3. Its because the new panel is said to be more durable, so they are willing to back it up with a special panel warranty.

Its worth mentioning its rumored that some C1s may even be using the latest type of panel, even if LG don't let the TVs get as bright as the G1.

Unless you have usage which puts you at OLED Burn In Risk then really its not something to really worry about.


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1. LG C1 because the difference in brightness supposedly isn't all that noticeable in practice and panel variance potentially makes the difference even smaller. If you are really considering the G1, I would definitely try to see them both in practice or at minimum read and/or watch multiple reviews. :)

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