LG E7 muffled audio issue


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Hi there,

I haven't been able to find much advice on this issue, so forgive me if it's been covered an I've missed it.

I have a new 65" E7, which I opted for instead of the C7 so I didn't need a separate soundbar. The TV is mounted above a (low) decorative fireplace in a rather large room with hardwood floors and very tall ceilings.

The audio quality is really bad, whether I'm using my Apple TV 4K, the Sky box, or the PS4/Nintendo Switch. Voices are quiet/muffled and music/sound effects are often too loud. I've played with all of the audio tuning settings and can't get it any better. We have to keep the volume high, but man the remote closely for when music or sound effects happen so we can quickly bring it down.

I'm happy to invest in a separate soundbar if that's the only solution, but it's a shame I'd have the bulk of a useless one on my panel.

Anyone have or solve this issue? Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated.

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