LG DVS450H, 1080p, USB 2.0, Divx & XVID HD?


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Make sure you come back and tell us how it performs...:D


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Will do.


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Yeah mine arrived. I can confirm it does play HD rips, tried a couple of old Lost epsiodes played perferctly.

Picture was very good at 1080p but 2 big problems. I could not find any Multi Region hacks and more of a concern you get no choice of NTSC/PAL/Auto output. It does PAL regardless, even if a Region 1 disk is inserted. And of course the picture was very jerky and stuttering so I decided to sell it on.

IF you only play Region 2 disks and watch lots of XVIDS then I would say it was very good and looks amazingly stylish but if like me you have lots of R1 and R3 disks then a big no no.

It's NTSC to PAL conversion was not very good.

Hope this helps.


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I need a firmware upgrade for this player badly. The subtitles are terrible, I have an older LG DVD player with custom firmware and it's much better than this one.

I'll have to sell it if I don't find a solution for this issue.

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