LG DVD Recorder/Player, disk tray won't close.

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Hi all, don't have a specific make right now, i know that's not ideal, but just wanted to put this problem out there incase anyone had any flat diagnostics/tips on the matter.

Since today, a household member was trying to use the recorder, putting discs in and all, and suddenly it just wouldn't close, i.e the disk tray goes in, but straight away it ejects itself, now im kind of clueless here, but does this mean the player is ruined, or a minor problem, seems minor to me, is probably out of gurantee as we've had it over a year, any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks.


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A disc tray that opens immediately after closing can be caused by many things...a foreign object preventing full closure (quite often another disc that was already in the drive but has come off the turntable and is jamming the mechanism), the disc tray mechanism gearing out of sync or broken, a stretched belt, faulty leaf microswitches etc and an electronic fault.
Try opening the disc tray and before it closes remove the power plug and then use a torch to see if you can see another disc or a disc label that's come off...if there is something visible remove it with long-nose pliers or tweezers carefully.
Anything else would require the services of a repair technician.

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