LG DONT DO a plasma 100Hz

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by lancashire lad, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Hi hope you can help as its sending me mad

    I read on a other thread that a member had been told by LG that the 42pc56 was NOT a 100hz but a 50 hz so I phoned up next day and was told by LG customer services that it is a 100hz.
    So went back to surfing the web to find the best price for a 42 or 50 LG plasma went to a few shop to see them working and just could not see any difference between the 50 hz42pc55 at comet and the 100hz42pc56 sold by currys/ dixons.
    So I phoned LG up again today and asked which of there plasma range was a 100hz and was told NONE of them, and they were aware of dixons selling them as 100hz and it was being rectified.
    I pointed out that on there web site they had some plasmas down as 100hz and was told that was also being sorted out.
    So can anybody shed some light on this as its getting out of hand , one or the other has to be wright but who??????

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