LG DM2780D 27" What Graphics Card?


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I want to buy the LG DM2780D 27 inch Cinema 3D TV Monitor but I only have a Radeon HD4850 graphics card which does not support it.

I rang LG and they told me that a new ATI card with HDMI 1.4 would be fine for playing 3d blu rays.

I then spoke to them again later and was told it could only be an Nvidia card.

I checked the site Supported Hardware and amd dont list the monitor as supported.

Has anyone got any experience as to which card I should buy for 3d blu rays?

Can it be ATI?

I dont want a worse graphics card than I already have so it should ideally be a better one that listed. Also could I keep my current card and add another one with HDMI 1.4 or am I best off listening to the second person who said it has to be Nvidia

Please help!!!





If you want your pc for just blurays i think anything in the amd 5000 range or 400's series will do
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Ok, I bought "gainward gts 450" for £60. My plan is to run it with the mentioned monitor at Christmas! God knows if it will work ok but shall try it with some 3d blu rays in Power DVD 10 and report back!



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I am not opening it until Christmas. I cant find any info on it anywhere other than the two Amazon reviews giving it 5.

If you find anything interesting or related to running it of a computer then please let me know! If you buy it id also be interested in your thoughts!


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If all you want is to play 3D BD movies, you would have been better off buying a 3D BD player for around the price you have paid for the video card!


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Yes it is able. The issue is that one of my current monitors has started to fall apart so I was planning on getting a new screen for my work computer anyway, when I found this monitor for not much more than I would have paid anyway. I thought it would be interesting to try it out for a few more quid.

This way at least it allows me a few more options in the future if I get a new card again or I decide to try a few games out or run disk images through Daemon tools etc. Always loads more cool exciting things to do on computers down the line.

Will any games run in 3d and look ok with that card? Might try it along the line when im bored of the blu rays!

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