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    I have the DA-3520 DVD Player with the LG Flatron TV. Problem is: PAL DVDs come only black/White on the TV, because its a product for South America, does not support the PAL from Europe (but understands 625/50). Have it connected with S-Video or Composit. The LG support here in South America is very bad, they don't even know the difference between PAL and NTSC and LG online is not willing to help. So I have to solve it for my self.

    The good: TV has component 480i input. The poor: The Player has only S-Video and Composit output.

    I think I have to find a possibility to connect the Player with component to the TV. But how can I bring out a component signal from a Player which has no output for that?

    Now the questions to you folks: The DA-3250 has an undocumented Slot on downside where the reset button is. Dont know what it is, seems to come directly from the drive. Knows someone about this? Maybe has an RGB output?
    Other question: MPEG is basically an RGB component signal, so there must be a possibility to pick up component somewhere inside the Player (maybe directly from the mpeg/dts chip) and solder a cable to the TV input. I am not electronic expert, but maybe one of you can help me out?

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