LG CX vs BX at 55 inches


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I'm looking at both of these sets and wondering how much of an upgrade the CX is to the BX. What differences am I likely to notice, if any? The price difference seems to run on average about £200-300 more for the CX... is this worth it?

Bear in mind that I'd like to take advantage of having a set that will play next-gen consoles in their full glory. I'm a gamer, but not as much as I used to and with the arrival of a baby, I doubt very much I'll have the spare time like I used to so gaming is semi-important. I'll be watching a lot of broadcast TV and using streaming services for films and TV shows.


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If you aren't an enthusiast, I'd get the BX. Yes there is a difference but I'm still not convinced 95% of people will be able to appreciate it without a side by side comparison.

So normally, if someone is asking this question, it means they don't need it.

However if your use case is a lot of broadcast TV, this is where the AI upscaler of the CX can play a part in marginally increasing the PQ of lower bitrate content.

Streaming services, netflix, 4K HDR content, they will be absolutely similar and for gaming, it will be very similar too.

So if £300 is worth better upscaling for low bitrate content (I say better, not perfect as you can not polish a turd), then the CX is worth it.

I'd go for the CX but I'm of the general idiotic trend of paying 20-30% more for 5% benefit.


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Thanks for the advice both. I bit the bullet and went for the CX. Paid £580 to upgrade my replacement and thought it was worth it since the CX is currently priced at around £1400 and I originally bought my SK8100 for around £500. £580 for a £900 difference seemed like a no brainer.

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