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Hi everyone,
I have a complaint between two lg cx oleds I have owned with regards to tinting in certain places. My first tv which was returned had a lot of pink tint either side, and blue on the bottom that was obvious when watching pretty much anything as it would through off the colours. It would not get better just because the viewing angle changed.

My second tv has improved on this a lot, but there is still noticable blue on the left side and the bottom, worse on the left. It is hard to ignore this in any content, as a lot of colours are thrown off at the edge by it. I don't think this would be a huge issue for most people, but it annoys me a lot. I will post some photos of it, can someone else let me know if they are bothered by this or have at least noticed it on their oled? I am on the verge of returning this tv as well but it might be pointless if they all suffer from this to some extent. most videos of Oleds I have seen don't have this discolouration at the edges, some do, but some don't so I am not sure how common it is. Just to clarify, it isn't the way I am sitting, it never goes away completely regardless of how extreme the angle gets.

I know that my case might seem quite mild as there are some people with far worse cases than this, I am just personally bothered by it and wondered if anyone else ran into similar trouble and help me work out whether or not this is unavoidable.

I would direct your eyes to the left edge where it is most obvious

Here it is very hard to see, not sure if it is because of the lower angle or the white but maybe I can mount it higher if it actually gets rid of it but I don't think it does in person.
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