LG CX Sanity Check: Filmmaker Mode & DV


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I got my new LG CX 65" installed yesterday. My BD player is the Panasonic DP-UB9000.

I thought that there was a slew of discs and streams that were encoded to be watched in Filmmaker Mode with Dolby Vision. The only thing I found out there with Filmmaker Mode tags is the German series, Dark, on Netflix.

Much to my surprised, when putting a UHD disc into my player, Dolby Vision is set as my default, but then there are several different settings in DV, Cinema, Vivid, Cinema Home, etc., which doesn't inspire confidence that I'm watching the right DV setting, when I thought it would the setting would default to Filmmaker Mode.

First, do I have that correct about the Filmmaker Mode Metadata tagging, that it's just getting off the ground and not a lot of content exists?

Secondly, it seems that in DV the preferred setting is Cinema for most folks who watch in a dark room, like myself, but how accurate is that? It's making me think way too much.

Therefore, I had the idea that in the general picture settings, I would replicate the settings in Cinema picture mode, with that of Filmmaker Mode, so that when DV wants to give me the Cinema setting, it will then have the same settings as Filmmaker Mode.

Is my logic right and my sanity intact, or am I off base? Like everybody, I simply want the most correct colors and disc info that I can get, but without busting a blood vessel in my head. :)


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I have a CX and a 9000. They are two of the best machines you can buy. Relax.

Choose the Easy Settings on the 9000 and plug it into the HDMI 1 input on the LG. Use the LG's HDMI 2 input to run a cable to your AV amp or sound bar. Let the machines do the choosing for you.

If you look at all the factory settings for Filmmaker Mode and Cinema Mode, you will see that the main differences are the OLED setting (Filmmaker 25, Cinema 80) and Gamma setting (Filmmaker 1886, Cinema 2.2) so Cinema is the brighter setting.

If you slot a 4K disc into the 9000, just let it do its thing. It will detect the capabilities of the TV and choose the best settings according to the metadata on the disc. In a very dark room, Filmmaker might look best, but many users ramp the OLED up a bit if it's too dark. Likewise, if the 9000 selects Cinema, you can ramp down the OLED setting, or switch to Filmmaker if you prefer.

Don't burst a vessel. Nobody is going to walk into your lounge and tell you you've got it wrong. Choose whatever suits you.

FYI: I use the Expert (Bright Room) setting, because I sit in a fairly light room. W1 suits me better than W2, and I ramp the colour down a notch.

Try Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2. Spectacular colour (and a good ride). The 9000 will select HDR, but that's still Filmmaker Mode.

Let these really expensive machines to the choosing, just relax and enjoy the film.

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