LG CX raised blacks, non vrr related

Hi all,

I have had my lg cx for 3 months now and i'm having an issue with raised black levels in HDR and Dolby vision. When the brightness is set at 50 in either of these modes everything that should be black is grey and washed out. This happens in games and apps such as netflix and disney plus using both the TV's apps or from an external source. If I lower the brightness to 48 it becomes black as it should but there is then some black crush in places.
There are also times when something on the screen should be a uniform black in say a games menu and when its set at 48 it will be black, but at 50 it will be partly black but then grey around specific parts, then if i increase it to 51 it would all be uniform grey. Checking in sdr it is all black.

Is this an issues my my TV or is this a known issue? I can only find info on VRR raised blacks.

Thanks for any advice.


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I have been experiencing the exact same thing. I have read about the vrr issues and the dolby vision issues but in my case I am experiencing raised blacks across the board with all hdr content. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one with this issue. It kinda sucks that noone is talking about it though, I hope it gets fixed.


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Hey guys. I am experiencig EXACTLY the same thing on CX 55' TV. I am shocked no one is talking about this. Finally I have disabled HDR while gaming. Whenever I lower the brightness to 47/48 it's pitch black but I am afraid it can cause black crush.
Have you found the solution?

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