LG CX + Ps4 Pro, displays only YUV 420 8 Bits in HDR, RGB 8 Bits in SDR.


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Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

I am facing two calibration problems between my ps4 pro and my lg cx.

First, when I play in HDR and SDR, it seems that my tv displays only a 8 bits signal in both modes. When I use the freesync informations options, it says in HDR that the tv is displaying YUV420 8bits TM for any game, and RGB 8 bits TM in SDR.

I don't think it's normal that my tv displays an 8 bits signal since it is a 10 bits tv, calibrated to display 10 bits contents when available, like here for the ps4 pro.

I have activated the ultra hd deep colour option, and plays with the hdmi cable included in the ps4 pro box.

I also used the pc mode but it didn't change anything.

All my video output options for ps4 pro are set on auto.

Is this a freesync info option bug like I read somewhere, and is there any other options to check the display infos for this tv, or is this another kind of problem ? Any idea how I could fix this ? I hope that I'll be able to use the 10 bits mode if i'm not playing it at the moment, since it is what this tv was made for.

My second problem is the kind of YUV signals sent by the ps4 to the tv. It is a yuv420 signal, but I read many times that the ps4 pro should at least display a yuv422 signal on HDR. I've seen prooves of it on some screenshots.

Is there something wrong again about the freesync infos, or are there any settings I need to change ? I hope it doesn't come from a hardware problem and that it is fixable. It is doing the same for all the hdr games I have.

I read that there was a significant difference between 420 and 422 so I hope to manage to change this asap.

Thank you very much for your help and I wish you a good health during these troubled times.


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Are your TV HDMI inputs set up to receive 10 bit?

As far as 420 v 422 is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it, the difference is minimal, I doubt you would notice it.


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes they are all set to receive 10 bits signal. There is an option in the tv that needs to be activated and it is.

It seems there is a bug with the info given by the tv on the subject of the 8 bits, I still have to get this confirmed.

Thanks again for your help and have a great week !


I have checked the same combination, ps4 pro and oled55cx, no 10bits for me neither, regardless if it is an SDR or HDR game. Even with HDR games like Doom Eternal or Spiderman, even though I can see the picture is in HDR, the extended info in 11111 menu says HDR type: SDR. For the connection I am using aftermarket HDMI 2.1 certified cables.


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Thanks for testing this set-up ! :)

It seems the infos are bugged then, at least I hope so !

What's your opinion Cassper here ?

Thank you very much ! :)


From my side there is more testing required - my original setup was ps4 pro - ps vr - soundbar Yamaha YAS207 - oled55cx. Last night I unplugged PS VR and moved ps4 pro connection from the soundbar directly to the TV, with no success, still only 8bit input. I also bought a new, more expensive HDMI 2.1 cable this morning, guaranteed for 48Gbps (I will also test it with a cable supplied with Apple TV 4k, generally Apple bundle excellent cables with their gear). Then I will force restart the OLED in order to get a new handshake with ps4 pro and see where it goes.

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